Windows Subsystem for Linux

I am a windows user, but I am much enthusiastic about learning about different operating systems and using them. Linux is an open source operating system and is much popular amongst developers.

I wanted to dual boot my system with Linux but after a little research I found out about a great support provided by windows, that is Windows Subsystem for Linux. Now, you don’t need to dual boot your system rather you can enable this feature and use the Linux shell without having to dual boot your system.

Note: Before moving to the steps there is a point to note. WSL or Windows Subsystem for Linux is a feature available from Windows 10. So if you are using older versions you need to update your system.

So, Let’s get started !

  1. Search for “Turn Windows Features on or off” in your machine.

2. Check the checkbox that says “Windows Subsystem for Linux”.

3. Now the system may take some time and ask for a restart. So, restart it as it prompts.

4. Great! now we are good to go! Open Microsoft Store and install the Linux subsystem you want to use. There are many options.

5. After installation the screen will prompt you to enter username and password. Enter them and yes it’s done!

6. This the screen which should appear after you have given your username and password.

(Note: The screen will contain your username and computer name)

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